FisioINVASIVA Musculoskeletal

Invasive techniques, greatly influenced by Spain and supported by many scientific societies and professional associations, have been consolidated over time to the point where they are now gaining an important role in professional training techniques in Switzerland, thus the Swiss Association of Invasive Physiotherapy (SAIP) has been created.


Who are we?

The SAIP was born thanks to Emanuele Sarcinella and Maria Teresa Escudero Borja. It is designed to train and share the most relevant and outstanding techniques and progresses in invasive physiotherapy, but above all to oversee the quality of the techniques carried out on Swiss territory.

The origins

The great influence from Spain for invasive techniques, supported by scientific societies and professional associations which have consolidated more strongly along time to the point of gaining an important space in the official professional training, pushed us to train and import the various invasive techniques in Switzerland, consequently creating the Swiss Association of Invasive Physiotherapy (SAIP).