Romina Sangiacomo


Sarcinella Emanuele

I graduated from SUPSI in Manno. I started my career path at two different studios, Atlantide in Bellinzona and Myfisio in Lamone. I currently work at Arsmedica Sports Center.

I received a CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) in angiology for vascular and lymphatic disorders. I have continued to train through courses in Kinesio Taping KTP, Dry Needling Top 30 and topographical anatomy on cadavers.

In 2021, I started my training in Spain for invasive therapy, first with the basic course of ultrasound-guided physiotherapy and then attending courses in percutaneous electrolysis and percutaneous ultrasound-guided neuromodulation. This technique got me very passionate and led me to implement my knowledge.

I have always been passionate about sports. I have practiced gymnastics for many years and now devote my free time to CrossFit.