Percutaneous musculoskeletal electrolysis (EPM)

Percutaneous musculoskeletal electrolysis (EPM) is a technique that belongs to the invasive physiotherapy. It is very precise because of the ultrasound guidance and involves the targeted application of a galvanic current through an acupuncture needle at the site to be treated, which evokes an acute, controlled, local inflammatory process, which in turn allows phagocytosis of the damaged tissue and repair of the affected soft tissue. The EPM technique, compared with the EPTE technique (low-voltage current), uses high amperage currents, leading to excellent results in terms of modifying and improving the quality of the damaged tissue. Compared with the EPI® brand, the EPM methodology has generated treatment protocols supported by scientific basis.


Health is one of our most important goods; when biological networks are altered, disease and/or pain ensues. Mesotherapy is based on bioregulative medicine, which consists in the application of different therapeutic strategies with the aim of increasing the self-regulatory abilities of the body, which is generally able to regulate itself naturally and autonomously but sometimes needs external help. This may be represented by mesotherapeutic drugs, natural medicines with bioregulatory properties that allow the achievement of organic balance rather than the mere suppression of symptoms and signs of a disease. This approach differs from conventional medicine, where chemical remedies are used to suppress or modify metabolic pathways.

Ultrasound-guided Dry Needling

Dry Needling (DN) refers to the use of sterile, disposable acupuncture needles for the treatment of pain and disorders of the musculoskeletal system, which can be guided with an ultrasound to allow the technique to be more targeted and precise in the execution, consequently improving its performance and the end result.


Electroacupuncture is based on the same principles and theories underlying needle acupuncture. According to the fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the human body is an entity traversed by a vital energy, the Qi, which flows along well-defined channels (the meridians) that, running through the entire body, connect all organs and systems into a functional unity.

Ultrasound-guided percutaneous neuromodulation (NMP_e®)

Percutaneous ultrasound-guided neuromodulation (NMP_e) or peripheral neuromodulation is a technique that consists of the ultrasound-guided introduction near a peripheral nerve of acupuncture needles, connected to a low- or medium-frequency alternating electric current device. Stimulation of the peripheral nerve at its motor point leads to a sensory, motoric or autonomous response.